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Super Amazing Safari 4!

Apple Introduced the new version of Safari 4 in beta version few days ago.
Before I do this blog post, I just suppose it changes the design, increased the speed, add some fancy Top Site, and coverflow..etc.

But today, I carefully read the What's new in safari page from apple, there are so many great features!! For both users and developers!!!

Here comes a list of what I found really amazing.
1. 42x faster than IE 7, 3.5x faster than Firefox 3
2. Fancy Stuffs like top site and coverflow bookmarks
3. Searches like Spotlight, search google, your history, with suggested keywords
4. Full Page Zooming, not just the text like other stupid browsers which will ruin the website.
5. Of course, HTML5 + css3, and at least for web standard. Fxxx IE!
6. Acid3 100/100 - (Acid 3 tests a browser’s ability to fully render pages using the web standards used to build dynamic, next-generation websites, including CSS, JavaScript, XML, and SVG.)
7. Anti-aliasing fonts for windows user (windows user can see beautiful fonts like we mac users do now, good for you, windows user)

Amazing Feature Suprised me - Generally for developers
1. Web Inspector - we can see all the files, js, and errors in a beautiful and simple way!
2. Viewing Elements - Highlighting and showing the css by elements ( this is one of the main reason I use CSSEdit, but now I can use safari instead~^^)
3. Accessing database - you can view the tables in safari
4 JS debug, and profiler
5. Resources pane let you have a glance of how much resource and time are used to load your website, graphically!
6. We can change user agent, like safari can identify itself as a Fxxxing IE
7. Disable different elements, we can disable images,disable js, disable css etc

Go to download it now, though it is in Beta version, it performs very very well, and very stable, you can easily notice a great leap in speed!

Designworks Production Limited Website Revamp

搞左禁多日,終於成功revamp左個網站,雖然唔係真係成個revamp,不過改過d layout,改左d structure,加左d ajax。令到個網站更加整潔。
而且張個flash調返去,張個HTML 方返係,禁我覺得可能會多d人睇到我地update得密d既野。
請隨意四圍參觀下~~ smile


A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web

Mark Boulton is a designer from the UK. He’s worked exclusively in web design for over ten years, but has a background in traditional graphic and typographic design.
His book "Five Simple Steps : A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web is now available to download in PDF format for just £12"

***The book had just hit a 1000 copies sold in just 24 Hours.***

The Book is written into 5 parts:
Part 1: Getting Started
In this part, you’ll learn about what it takes to get started for designing for the web. You’ll learn about the various tools, processes, and practices.

Part 2: Research and Ideas
Design begins with information, information gleaned from research. This research in turn informs ideas. In this part, you’ll learn the various techniques to help get your design off on the right foot.

Part 3: Typography
Typographic design is more than just picking a font. In this part, you’ll learn how good typographic design is at the very heart of good web design.

Part 4: Designing with colour
In this part, you’ll learn basic colour theory. How to create stunning colour palettes and ensure they are applied to the web in the best way possible.

Part 5: Layout
In this part, you’ll learn how to use compositional devices such as The Golden Section, and grid systems to bring your designs together.

I have downloaded the sample and had a glance of it. It looks promising! Worth reading.

Eight Ways to Save Client’s Money

今日睇Blog,睇到一篇﹣ "Eight Ways to Save Your Client Money"

1. Provide a Detailed Project Scope
2. Meet the Client in Person
3. Keep the Design Phase Realistic
4. Build a Turn-Key System
5. Get Visual Assets Upfront
6. Get Content ASAP
7. Advise on Third-Party Services They Actually Need
8. Clarify Your Contacts and the Approvers

Read More :

Pretty Loaded

A very nice website/page showcasing numerous of pre-loading page of those Flash website.
All of them are very inspiring, interesting and amazing!
With a decent range of preloading screens, from Office Max to Nike to feature films, the site has loads of content making it a growing piece of internet history.

It also offers a screen saver version, really amazing~

The Golden Ratio in Web Design

The Golden Ratio in Web Design

The Golden Ratio = 1.6180339887
The Golden Ratio, a mathematics constantIn mathematics , means if the ratio between the sum of two quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller
For thousands of years artists, designers, architects, etc. have either intentionally or unintentionally used a common ratio in their work that is aesthetically pleasing.
It is really a strange and amazing number, everything works best, looks great with this number. Jarel Remick gave us a very good tutorial on how to use the golden ration in web design!

It is really a must-read tutorial for every web designer, 1.6180339887, really a very essential and quick way to produce nice design!

Clear drop of water

Lovisa shows the Clear drop of WaterClear drop of water
Making of the cleared DropMaking of the cleared DropMaking of the cleared DropMaking of the cleared Drop

With perfect timing the drop of hot glass falls slowly, it stops slowly as the thinner parts gets colder and hardens. All Jewelry is handmade in glass and leather
For every piece made, 3 Euro goes to UNICEF’s water project in Ethiopia.