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Email Marketing Service Launched by Designworks Production Limited

Designworks Production is now extending our business to a new area - Email marketing.

Problem in the market
We understand that there are lots of troubles and problem raised for those people who want to do marketing. Many company just aimed to sell the account, then the user are very frustrated on the ugly designed user interfaces and the functionalities. They are just bringing more and more problems to the client, instead of helping the clients to solve problems.

The second reason is that we understand email marketing is a powerful marketing tools, but if it is being handled it badly, the emails will be regarded to spam which people annoys that. You can recall your experience of getting those annoying, ugly, pointless, spam mails filling up your email, and you have to click hundreds time of delete button.

But if that is a professional, nicely designed email, with something that you are interested in, like the apple promotion email, fancy and beautiful email from your favorite fashion brand. You probably will read the email, and click the link. The email not only pushes sales, it is a very important tools to keep your customer in touch, keeps your brand in their mind. It is generally speaking, a very powerful marketing, branding tools

Our Methodology
We want to provide a service to the market, a solution to the client. Which we handle everything that it requires to send a email, so that our clients do not have to worry about anything, do not have to handle any technical things which it takes a very high opportunity cost for them to do.
From hosting, contact list installation, custom HTML email template design, list segmenting, spam proofing, sending, error detection, error handling to customer support, we handle everything. The client will be totally problem free. The only thing the client need to handle is the content.

Which they focus on the content, produce better content with more efficiency. They can also handle their main job duty with more time and more efficiency, resulting a better working performance.

Our Professional
We extended our professional from web design to email marketing , it is because we think Email marketing should be handled professionally, and it is a necessary marketing tools for every brand and business. We are professional in HTML building, designing something that is attractive and appealing to the target customers and designing something with message, with function. People, not only the client but also the targeted customer will love it.

Therefore we are very sure that we should extend our business to the Email Marketing area. It helps alot for our methodology, we make design that work. And email marketing is a very important to have the design or the business through the internet.
And also, we do not want any more spam mails, ugly mails and meaningless mail sent to our mailbox. We want something that we are interested, something that can catch my eyes, something that will work in our mailboxes. And we are chasing that goal by moving one step forward to the email marking field.

We set our price extremely low, is because actually we want people to know what we can do. We want more people can try out our methodology, can enjoy to focus on their own job duty and work more efficient.

The service we provide is customized html email design, a design which will work! We think that is very important in email marketing. People differentiate whether the email is a spam or not, mainly from their appearance, and how difficult to understand what the email is about. This requires a high degree of design skills.
This is nothing that a template can achieve and compare. No matter how many template a company is providing, in email marketing, whether it will work or not heavily depends on the design. Because no matter how attractive your product is, how good your product is or how nice the promotion is, people will treat the ugly and messy email as SPAM. That will just waste all your effort and resources.

In terms of the service we covered and the proficiency of the service level. We are very confidence on our price setting, and I am sure any entrepreneur will be happy with the number of trouble we are taking away, and how much revenue and effect we are generating for them comparing to the cost that they are paying.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our email marketing service.
+852 3188 4286 or click here to know more about our brand new email marketing service.

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